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printed silk – natural fur – harmony of colors

Winter Avenue idea was born in Milan, Italy. Brand lux quality fur, natural silk lining of exclusive patterns and colors and luxurious accessories come from the most famous Italian manufacturers. All products are unique.
Winter Avenue philosophy is to create high quality luxury winter clothes from natural, durable materials with an impressive colors using designer fantasy and imagination.
Winter Avenue style. Winter Avenue brand is for creative, unique personalities. Winter Avenue lady has a big passion to fashion, loves high quality fabrics. Our fur coats fascinate with its warmth, lightness, impressive colors and style variations.

Kaip prižiūrėti savo WA kailinius?

  • Fur coats and jackets love to brush, especially long-haired. Brush your fur coat using metal comb. We recommend to brush long hair fur by hair, short hair- before hair.
  • In the summer time keep your fur coat in a dark room or wardrobe.
  • All WA fur coats come with a special hanger, holder and a cotton bag decorated with silk ribbons. When you are not wearing your fur coat put it in a bag. A special holder takes care of the fur coat from compression and shoulder line.
  • Dry your snowy or wet fur coat only at room temperature away from all heating devices.
  • Protect your fur coat or jacket from the moths. Put a dried orange peel in a special fur coat bag. Do not spray chemicals.