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Mink fur

Mink fur is luxurious, soft and lightweight as a cloud. Winter Avenue mink fur color palette is striking: bright, neon, pastel, covered with silver, glossy. We offer different types of fur processing techniques and new technologies: furs are cut, knitted, made of details, etc. Mink fur coats are usually short, above the knees, straight style products. Models with a ¾ sleeves look entirely great. Excellent to wear, durable.

Karakul fur

Winter Avenue produced fur jackets made of karakul are extremely high quality, luxurious. Our silver furs come from southern Africa and is known as swakara. The skins are made in the most prestigious French factories in the world. The fur is soft, shiny, lightweight, the hair is in different curls and writings. WA offers fur coats of various colors: green, red, blue and shiny silver. In our collection you will find a highly fashionable fur coats of mixed fur. Also we produce fur jackets made of persian lamb for spring/ summer season. They are thinner, short and light.

Lama fur

One of the most fashionable choices for the cold season is the long- haired lama fur. Such coat is comfortable, easy to care and very durable. The lama's fur is not afraid of rain or wet snow. On the other hand, moisture affects it in a positive way, wet hair spins into tight, pretty spirals. Winter Avenue chooses painted lama’s hair in the most incredible shades: ice blue, snowy white, purple and many others. The most popular is lama fur coat of mixed colors. Lama coat is volumetric so it’s combined with same color skin or suede which allows to create a beautiful fur coat with a clear structure of fur. Cloth made from lama does not cause any allergy and smells good.

Fox fur

Fox fur coats are among the most popular. They are lightweight, perfectly worn, warmed up. The hair is soft, loose, long, and poplar- dense. Winter Avenue fox fur coats are painted in various colors. Some are made from individual colored fur parts to create a new, impressive image of fur coat or jacket. Inside you can find Italian silk. We produce fur jackets made of fox with a ¾ sleeves. It looks very fashionable.